Hard Drive Data Recovery


All data stored in on location is at risk of being lost forever. It's an unfortunate truth and even more so that we are storing larger and larger sets of data. Devices have data storage lifespans and often begin to show signs of data loss or errors before a major collapse. Sometimes, malicious software or virus may damage or delete data. Or perhaps the device received a hard impact, causing it to no longer boot.

Whatever the issue, we'll help determine the best option to move forward. Ideally, we can recover the data and copy all of it to a USB thumb drive or to another device. In the case that the damage is too severe for recovery, you will not be charged for our efforts.

  • Assessment of your hard drive and determine if media can be recovered
  • Attempt recovery of user data, lost pictures and documents
  • 100% Guarantee: no data, no charge. If we can't recover your information, there is no charge to you. If recovery is believed possible by more extreme measures, we can recommend data recovery specialists, and manage the project
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